VR (Virtual Reality)

  • VR Devices showcasing is done best when the user gets to interact and try each and every feature with his own hands.

We develop VR experiences so that your customer could try your products hands on.

Why “VR” in Showcasing

  • Safer learning & assessment.

  • Cost effectiveness:

    • Requires no transportation of heavy and cost equipment

    • Risk free (more safe)

    • Could be sent abroad with no transportation expenses

    • Unlimited amount of users

    • Unlimited amount of scenarios

Suitable for

  • Medical Devices

  • Capital Equipments

  • Energy Based Devices

  • Pharmaceutical Demo

  • Phamacy Chains

  • Universities

  • Schools

  • Research Centers

  • Training Centers

Virtual Point Of Sale

Imagine having a sales point that could be at your customer’s fingertips.

A virtual sales point would give you the opportunity to reach thousands of customers globally with tremendous cost effectivity.

Your customers could view and navigate all your products online, add it to their cards and finalize the purchase.

  • Cost effectiveness:

    • No costs of labour

    • Reaching out to millions of customers without having to establish new branches

    • Unlimited amount of customers exploring your store at the same time

    • 24/7 availability

Suitable for

  • Medical Devices Store

  • Pharmacy Chains

  • Supermarkets

  • Mobile Shops

  • Jewelery Shops

  • Libraries

  • Electronics Store

  • Any Retail Industry